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~As we begin, so shall we go~ research project

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Dance Gate, as a partner to the European program Modul Dance 2010-2014 in collaboration with the Dancehouse Lefkosia and the University of Nicosia Dance Program, cordially invites you to participate in the research project ~As we begin, so shall we go~ with Lili Mihajlovic.

The research project will take place at Dancehouse Lefkosia from the 24th until the 27th of September 2014.


~As we begin, so shall we go~ is a research project concentrating on understanding and practicing one´s performing skills (quantification of the performing apparatus) as well as understanding body knowledge and how it interacts, supports, structures and influences group dynamic.

Through a suggested working methodology the project will disclose the layers of a performing act itself. It will attempt to envelope as broad of the range of performing skills as possible through doing as well as reflecting on it. By performing it is more “the how” that is in foreground than “the what”, so our personal approach to material (movement, text, …) is more emphasized than the material itself.


Lili Mihajlović comes from Slovenia, where she received her BS in physics. Among the wide range of her interest; radio journalism, literary engagements, years of competitive fencing, she pursued her greatest passion – dance. Lili was a recipient of Nomad Dance Academy scholarship, rewarded a residency at ReRc (Centre Choreographique National de Montpellier) as part of the program WILD CARD, supported by Jardin d’Europe, and a recipient of the first prize of National competition of young dance creators Slovenia. She finished MACode – master study program in contemporary dance education, at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany in 2012ism and moderation.

Mainly concentrated on her own work, she has until now been supported by Mousonturm theater as a part of their program for emerging artists, and by ID Frankfurt (PET5 – But it´s not about chairs, 2010 in Mousonturm, Body happens together, 2011 in Frankfurt LAB). Recently she has been supported by the European dance network Modul dance and became a Modul dance artist in residence for 2013/2014.

Besides her own artistic work, Lili also engages as a performer, dancer or/and movement advisor in theater productions (Schauspiel Frnakfurt, Oper Frankfurt, Tanz der Künste) and teaches in various venues (Tanzlabor 21, Tanzsprint – HfMDK, Plesna Izba Maribor).

Her recent engagements include collaboration with Stef Meul (Sign six, Brussels) and performing in Marina Abramovic´s piece Luminosity (1997).



If you are interested to participate in the ~As we begin, so shall we go~ research project please express your interest by sending us your CV.

Deadline for expressions of interest is WEDNESDAY 30th July 2014.

Limited places for participants offered.

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