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Floor contact/ Laura Saumweber/ 9th of September 2019 at Dancehouse Lefkosia



L A U R A  S A U M W E B E R

9th of September 2019 at Dancehouse Lefkosia



F O R  P R O F E S S I O N A L   D A N C E R S   &   S T U D E N T S
WHEN: Monday, 10.00-13.00
WHERE: Dancehouse Lefkosia
Parthenonos 25, Agios Antreas, Nicosia 1105
PRICE: €25 /students €20
INSCRIPTION: via email

FLOORCONTACT is a movement practice to investigate the relation between contemporary floor work and the contact with other bodies in space. Focusing on the elements flow, momentum, weight shift and pressure points we create awareness of the own body and its’ mechanisms. Exercises to use the floor in specific ways increase the understanding of dancing with a partner and opens up new pathways to explore movement together. The class consist of a basic warm-up to rise awareness of breathing , muscle tone and stability, as well as to improve physical strength alternating between games, technical exercises and challenging variations. Through attentive and dynamic listening we will discover the balance in falling, redirecting, composing and soaring. It is this balance in listening that allows us to risk the unknown more fully in our dancing. Using the skin- muscle-bone principle and integrating sensitivity and confidence for each others bodies allow us to go into more complex material during the course of the session.

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