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IMPORTANT Change of Date to FRIDAY 16TH MARCH ‘Keeping it together’ a Movement for Change workshop, at DanceHouse Lefkosia

Dear Friends

‘Keeping it together’ 
Life is happening all the time, around us and inside us. How can we be comfortable through the ups and down, in order to move through our moment by moment existence with more ease ? 
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to tap into alternative ways of dealing with daily challenges and change.
Expression through free, physical movement/dance facilitates awareness, clarity and self growth on the emotional, cognitive and physical levels.
It guides you to embody what really matters to you, what your heart and soul is calling for, to live with purpose.
You will also experience Personal Effectiveness practices inviting you to recognise the wealth of your own coping resources for moving forward with wellbeing and joy.Date: Friday 16th MARCH     Time: 4.00 – 7.00pm      Cost: €35    Venue:   DanceHouse Lefkosia, 25 Parthenonos St, Ayios Andreas, 1105, Nicosia

MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE is a sensitive, fun and creative practice, suitable for all physical abilities for both men and women. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, to follow how your body wants to and can move.
The non-judgmental group format enables deep connection to all aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, leading to an overall sense of wellbeing.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Initially one of the aims is to be still, to find that clear place within each of us to be with ourselves, to unwind, release fatigue and resistance, in order to make room for creativity.

A CAREFREE YET MINDFUL setting for connecting with one’s authentic self, drawing from the Somatic Movement work methodologies of Arianna Economou’s teachings and research, in combination with Personal Effectiveness Coaching for change.

THE SESSION INCLUDES gentle warm-up stretches, body awareness, grounding centering aligning, easy movement within the group dynamics and concludes with exploring and visualizing the outcome you seek through expressive dance improvisation of your own devise.

Registration by 12th March.
For details and to reserve your place contact me:
mob. +357 99686879


PARTICIPANTS’ FEEDBACK on Movement for Change : 
Thank you Anita, it was a blessing for me that you held the space this morning in a way I felt safe enough to reconnected with myself… Thank you for your courage to offer this work here in Cyprus, much needed. (ES) 
Each of us received something valuable from one another, i loved it and I cherish a lot these moments moving and interacting with other people. (EK)
Thank you, for the blessings today and for your guidance and love. It was fabulous! ❤️ (MN)   
It’s been a great afternoon! thank you so much for the experience.and great quetions set, in a great order… i will be thinking about them and reflecting …(XD)
As always, what a nice group of people! I really enjoyed myself and everything! (EC)  
I really enjoyed yesterday. I left there very positive it was very interesting experience. All people there were very giving and helpful especially you;)) (KK) 

Let’s connect to who we truly can be through movement.


anita michaelidis 

Personal Effectiveness Coach
PCA Psychotherapist


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