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NOVEMBER NEWS | Cie Ioannis Mandafounis

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We all invite you to join us across Europe ! From Italy to Greece, passing by Switzerland and Germany, with 3 pieces in 5 cities. November is a busy month…
Outstanding male dancer award for dance 2015 @ Swiss dance award ceremony, Fribourg, Switzerland
The Federal Office of Culture has honored Ioannis Mandafounis’ artistic career.He has played a central role in establishing the reputation of Swiss dance both nationally and internationally.Ioannis Mandafounis received a prize in recognition of an exceptional performer on October 16 at the Swiss dance award ceremony.


ApersonA @ DNA Festival-RomaEuropa, Rome (It); Südpol-Tanz Musik Theater, Luzern (Ch)
Ioannis Mandafounis & Elena Giannotticreate a dialogue between body, voice and a story-telling in the format of an Opera buffa. Their faces and their gestures make us travel through varied emotional spheres, from one scene or sketch to another.
ApersonA will take place at DNA Festival – RomaEuropa, Rome, Italy on November 6 and on November 18 & 19 at Südpol – Tanz Musik Theater, Luzern, Switzerland.


Eifo Efi @ Kampnagel, Hamburg (De)
The performance Eifo Efi, by Ioannis Mandafounis & Fabrice Mazliah, will be shown at Kampnagel in Hamburg from November 12 to 14.In this duet, the dancers fill the performance space with versions or echoes of themselves ans use their close relationship as collaborators to produce a performative realm of doubles : multiplying the perception of two bodies via dimensions of imagined reality and reflections in actual material of the set.


Twisted Pair @ Akropoditis Dance Center, Siros; Garage Performing Arts Center, Corfu (Gr)In this piece by Mandafounis, Dragonas, Ortega & Skiada, each movement reflects the idea that every action provokes a chain of reactions, hence moving step further to affirm that all movements share a common start.Twisted Pair will be shown at Akropoditis Dance Center – Siros on November 24 & 25 and at Garage Performing Arts Center – Corfu on November 28 & 29.
Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
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