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What is Light? Hands-on workshop from Science through to Arts

What is Light? Hands-on workshop from Science through to Arts

Sunday, 20th of May 2018, 16:00-21:00 Dancehouse Lefkosia


Have you ever wondered… What is LIGHT?

The glow of a candle, the rise of the Sun, and the illumination of a lamp are things that can bring comfort and warmth to our lives.

We all interact with and experience light on a daily basis, but can you really answer what it really is?

Come along to learn the answer(s!) and how professionals in Cyprus from Science through to Art us light as a tool for the work they do. We will have explanatory sessions with Astronomers, Graphic Design, Artists, Photographers and Dancers!

The workshop involves hands-on activities, experiments, presentations and telescope observations – of the sun and once the sun sets!

Humans are, after all, drawn to light. But there is much more to light than meets the eye. Light takes on many forms that are largely invisible and undetectable without modern technology.

Light allows us to communicate, entertain, explore, and understand the world we inhabit and the Universe we live in.

This event will be held at the Dancehouse Lefkosia,
25 Parthenonos, Ayios Andreas, Nicosia

4pm-5:30 pm
Children;s activities, experiments and solar observations with solar telescope

hands on experiments and exhibitions on light
– free to attend at leisure
Solar observations with special telescope

6:30pm -8:00pm
Presentations from Astronomers, Photographers, Graphic Designer, Artists and Dancer on how they use light as a tool.

telescope observations of the night sky

9pm close


For more information, send us a private message or call Natalie on 97681067

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